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18 Responses

  1. DroneRacer101 says:

    I love the Leader 120 so much, but I’m not sure I could take this one. Although I bet it sounds worse through the camera than it does in person.

  2. Brandon Purdy says:

    Sounds like a brushed quad. The noise is unbearable.

  3. Bill Somrak says:

    Wow .. the screeching from the motors is pretty annoying. Maybe a spray of teflon lube would quiet them down. Pretty short flight time as well. Other than that, it does fly well. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

  4. Kevin Wy says:

    With the noise and short flight time , it has to be a no.

  5. nick Langford says:

    Mate I would end that thing with a smash from a house brick. finish him🤼‍♂️

  6. nigelsheffield says:

    Terrible noise, timing maybe bit probably just stuck with it

    I prefer the 1103 motors much quieter

  7. Bass Brashier says:

    I ordered mine from Banggood about a month ago before the updated model was announced and it didn’t ship til a week or so ago so I know I’ll be getting the new version. That sound from the motors is so unfortunate. Is it all 4 motors making that noise or just some or one?

  8. Lewis Lee says:

    There were lots of red motors more noisier before we sell the Bat out in final test. We test Bat’s motors before we sell them so they are good normally when people get Bat. We charge a lot of red motors which are super noisy and vibrate so people won’t get them.The blue one maybe a little noisy but it’s absolutely stronger and stabler than the red one which there is no bearings.

  9. KY DAWG1 says:

    Add a tiny drop of bearing oil to top and bottom bearing of each motor…. that might kill that squeal. Good fun Andy… waiting for mine now…

  10. jamesworld3 says:

    Meh, I don’t mind noise, but the pitch of that noise is just right to make me want to cover my ears.

  11. Buddy Abdi says:

    wow sounds really bad

  12. MC's Creations says:

    A tip: put a bit of WD40 in the upper and bottom bearing. Sometimes there’s some duty, some dust, so the sound get weird. But the WD40 solves it. 🙂

  13. TheAzureus73 says:

    Thank’s Andy.

  14. Thom Kline says:

    Hi Andy, have you considered the noise is caused by software problem BLheli? BetaFlight? some kind of settings?

  15. Georgewrigley says:

    Love watching your reviews, keep them coming. Cheers ✈️😊

  16. Prop Dusty says:

    vibration.. anyone ever hear of marvel mystery oil… … .. . ? Love the vids Andy keep em coming!

  17. WARI,S IDEAS says:

    nice andy

  18. Danny Reimer says:

    Thx for the review! Need one!

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