GDU O2 Sliding Arm Drone Waypoint and Follow Me Flight Test Review17:49


Follow up review of this new drone demonstrating its waypoint flying and follow me capabilities. Find it here 4K camera and gimbal. Smart camera modes. Intelligent flight modes. Waypoint flying. 1KM range. FPV. Multiple advanced positioning sensors including GPS/GLONASS, Obstacle Avoidance, Optical Flow, and Acoustic.

– Drone arms slide in and collapse to a portable form. Drone attaches to its controller and both easily fit in a small provided carrying bag.
– 4K video 13MP still camera with three axis gimbal.
– Adanced positioning sensors including GPS/GLONASS, Obstacle Avoidance, Optical Flow, and Acoustic.
– Obstacle avoidance and automatic return to home and landing.
– Waypoint flying, and customized geofence mode (can actually draw and define a zone on the map to make sure that the drone does not leave it).
– Intelligent flight modes such as follow me, circle me, POI, rocket, dronie, gesture control.
– Smart camera modes, burst shooting, time lapse, slow motion, smart selfie, and digital zoom.
– No “No Fly” zones or forced updates baloney (at least not yet 😉
– Drone can be controlled via its provided controller for long range (1KM) flying, or via smartphone (for close in selfie flying) using its GDU Mini app available on Play here or iTunes here

– Biggest con is that this drone is so new that instructions are very sparce (as of Jan 2018). This is particularly true for use of its more advanced features. Trial and error were all I had at this time, so please forgive some of the obvious errors that I made in the operation of this drone. But improved documentation should be made available with time.

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