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I like this cinequad but reviewer’s curse struck again. Be sure and watch to right to the end of the video for a better example of flight footage.

– flies/handles very well
– excellent FPV performance thanks to CaddX Vista system
– good flight times, even with a small 650mAH battery
– noisy but much quieter than some other similar cinequads

– those screws!!! Fortunately, it seems to be just my unit affected
– deep ducts means wind will have an effect (but less than some others)

If you are looking for a cinequad that can carry a full-sized GoPro or other HD/4K recording camera then this is a very good option and seems to be made to the usual GEPRC high standard with good quality components.

For more info: (not an affiliate link, I make no money from sales of this or any product I review so you can trust that there are no hidden commercial imperatives involved).

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