Disclaimer!!! The setup Im running is in no way a good all round setup. Its not efficient, my batteries come down hot and I have a 1:30 flight time. But these are sacrifices I’m making to have the fastest possible setup. So please don’t think Im trying to sell you on this setup. It works for me, my flying style and thats all that courts. I do understand if I used a less aggressive prop and a lower KV motor it would make more sense for battery life and just in general. But like my flying I chose to break away from the pack. Also… I can’t believe how much drama a 3sec clip caused on a couple of the FB groups. Don’t ask for innovation then crucify someone when they have the guts to try something different. Its disappointing seeing how threatened people get.

But on a positive note, these may have been some of the most exciting flights I ever had. The motor in my opinion are something special. The science and tech guys can tell me my setup doesn’t work until they are blue in the face. But I don’t care what static thrust test tell me. I care how they fly in real world, and these motors are unreal. Notice how much I continue to climb after I invert, its insane, I also find I can come out of being inverted way later knowing I have instant thrust. But please, don’t let the motors take away from the flying. Enjoy.

Tune is PID1 running Betaflight 2.6 no airmode but I have a basic throttle curve on my radio. 65degree FPV camera with these motors.

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No battery or Gopro, frame only AUW 286g

186 LRC X frame –

motors- Rebel 2206 2600kv –

esc- rotorgeek RG 20a

fc-spracing f3

props- 5×4.5 Dal Bullnose V2 triblades –


Frisky SBUS-

video tx and rx- hawkeye 200 /fatshark raceband 5.8
with fan adaptor

fpv camera- foxeer 100 degree

goggles fat shark goggles DOM

batteries- Rebel 4s 1300 –

Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

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18 Responses

  1. La tête dans les nuages -[Maxxhimum]- says:

    first poetic flight, big up. thanks for sharing

  2. Bene Hass says:

    whats the Name of this Song ?

    its amazing how that match together…

  3. Carbon1 FPV says:

    Ok, is this real? Crazy….

  4. Brainstorm says:

    Mesmerizing! And mind-boggling! Kudos!

  5. bdseidler says:

    Some of your moves, I could not figure. Upside down and not falling. you
    kept going up. at times it looked 3Dish.

  6. bdseidler says:

    Some of your moves, I could not figure. Upside down and not falling. you
    kept going up. at times it looked 3Dish.

  7. J. Moctezuma says:

    Incredible flying bro.

  8. MicroRCFiend says:

    The buttslide into in and out funnels up the tree was just delightful. Do
    you fly any LoS at all these days? I’d love to see a practice lipo sometime
    if you could.

  9. Chadi Masri says:

    wonderful wizardry,

  10. mike o says:

    I can’t even begin to think of a comment clever enough to do this video
    justice. BRAVO!

  11. Four Prop Vice says:

    Amazing flying as always. Mad props!

  12. Del Quad4X says:

    What’s great about our hobby/sport, is that we can build them any way we
    want. Fly them any way we want.
    The ‘norm’ should never be the goal.
    Push your limits.
    Scrape your knees and elbows.
    Get up, fly some more.
    Walk away smiling and saying to yourself, “I did it. Fuck them.”

  13. Je “God” kop says:

    Whats the song i fucking need its it is incredible..

  14. madazz01 says:

    Man this video is awsome!!!!
    Have you ever thought about strapping one of those new 360 degree cameras
    on your quad and making a video for google cardboard???
    Now that would be amazing!!!
    You would make peoples brains itch!!

  15. hadriez says:


  16. Wolv says:

    Do you ever plan on competing in a freestyle competition?

  17. ARCEYE78 says:

    Why is it when a truly talented person shares their skills so many have to
    diss and bitch, what the fuck is wrong with you idiots, for fucks sake just
    enjoy the show, show support and use what you see as inspiration, otherwise
    piss off with your tail between your legs you jealous losers.

  18. blackcamo FPV says:

    really good man!

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