Wanna help me make an adventure near you

Would you like to do this? Get everything required from *** The UK’s #1 FPV Racing Drone Supplier! I also work there if you need any advice =)

Capturing my greatest fpv clip to date. Shkip to 6:22 see what i’m talking about. I was going to cut this up into clips but decided to show the full journey. I know the full flight was a little boring but that 20seconds feeling free stood on top of an old derelict building and the birds parting was something magical. This was filmed during the shoot for my DRL feature about a month ago i was going to save it for once it was out but the feature will only be 1min30secs so you won’t see all this if any. The cameramen was to scared to go explore so i went for a little adventure of my own whilst they packed up the gear from the interview. Hope you enjoy!

I really wanted this today to be a Halloween upload but unfortunately i ran of time to make one. Happy Halloween! This might be last upload for a couple weeks or so but ill be back soon!

Yeah Lad Check this for regular dronezzz Action:

**Scheduled upload Currently away on holiday till novemeber will reply to any questions/comments then. Happy Flying!

Thanks to these people for supplying me with the best gear and keeping me in the air:

Song: Russian Circles – Mota

Quad Specs:
Demonrc NOX5 ()
ZMX V3 2206 2300kv
HQProp 5x4x3
TBS Unify Pro HV ()
TBS Triumph Antennas ()
TBS Crossfire ()
TBS Crossfire Micro Reciever ()
HS1177 1.8mm lens
Bonka Graphene 1300mah 4s ()
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (With slip on lens protector)

Taranis Plus Radio
Dominator V2 Goggles
TBS Dominator RX ()

Go Fly, Have Fun!

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