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The Flite Test Widgeon came into reality because of our love for it’s beautiful lines, amazing history, and incredible versatility. We designed this aircraft to compliment almost any pilot’s hangar both in flight characteristics and its wide range of use. With the FT Widgeon, you will have the benefits of being able to take off the ground, water, or snow using the removable landing gear or flying off the reinforced plastic hull. The large open fuselage leaves plenty of room for FPV gear, advanced electronics, or a wide range of batteries making it a fantastic choice to be flown as an FPV platform. The FT Widgeon also assembles with no glue or tape. The whole aircraft assembles with the use of magnets and locking pins. Keeping with the vision around our full PNP line, we made sure to make all the electronics accessible for both modification and servicing. Flying the FT Widgeon will be a rewarding experience for both the intermediate and advanced pilots. The twin motors provide great thrust with no torque or pitching issues. The newer pilot will love this as a first experience for flying off the water with the use of the large water rudder and reinforced hull. This allows for smooth transition off the water and the ability to easily taxi back to shore. Once in the air, the FT Widgeon is gentle and predictable. The advanced pilot will love the ability to use differential thrust to make this classic design do crazy aerobatics like flat spins and pinwheels. Combine this aircraft with the FT Aura 5 and experience stabilized flight along with amazing features like launch assist and level assist for our beginner and FPV pilots. Our desire is that the FT Widgeon will be an amazing addition to your hangar and an aircraft that will always grow with you in your RC Journey.

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