How to connect FlySky iA6B to Eachine Wizard X220 Quadcopter (SPracingF3, PPM)00:00

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Confused about how to connect the Flysky FS-iA6B receiver to your Eachine Wizard X220? In this video, I’ll walk you through the entire process! The Wizard X220 (I bought mine in 2017) uses the Seriously Pro Racing F3 (SPracingF3) flight controller (FC), so this guide will also apply to other quadcopters using the same FC. I am using the Flysky i6X transmitter.

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Seriously Pro Racing F3 flight controller manual:

My latest Wizard X220 full setup guide:

COMMENT BELOW and tell me if this guide was helpful, if I left anything out, and any questions you have about it!

(also, my apologies for the over-exposure/washed-out look in this vid! I’m still getting used to the settings on my new camera).

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Quad receiver:
Plane receiver:

Main camera
Camera stand

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