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Hi friends , my young birds has been flying today for more then 2 hours today.
A Racing Homer is a pigeon with very good memory.
They are raced between hundreds of birds at a time released anywhere from 100 KM to sometimes 700 KM from there home.
Then when they are home, a electric ring on there foot is put on a clock that then stops the time.
The fastest pigeon home wins a prize being anything from a Certificate,trophy to money or a Car, all depending on what the Club gives you as a prize!
Believe in basket/train your bird/Let the Basket and Races Cull For You
The only fair and impartial methods of selecting intelligence that gives true satisfaction and results are the training basket and long races.

In my opinion, no individual can measure mentality and the degree of homing instinct of a bird from looking at it, feeling or handling it, or looking into it’s eyes. Don’t waste your time or money! You already have the best graders in the world, “The Basket” and “Long Races”.

Over the past years, I have had several famous fanciers and graders visit my loft. Their differences of opinion were so great that what one called a champion, the other called a cull. This only strengthened our opinion that no one human being can evaluate nor grade your pigeons. Those that profess this ability have done more harm than good to our sport over the years.
“Pigeons are dumb.
“They poop on people’s heads.”
“They smell.”
That’s what some people say about pigeons. In fact, that’s what a lot of people say about these birds.

But did you ever notice that pigeons come in so many colors and feather patterns? Did you ever notice their shiny, rainbow-like neck feathers or their red feet? Did you ever notice the interesting way that pigeons coo and strut?

The fact is, pigeons are special. They are special because there is such variety in the way they look. Blue Jays all look very much alike, and so do robins and cardinals. But find a flock of pigeons and you will see white ones and gray ones. You will see pigeons with blue-gray feathers and pigeons with red feathers. You will see solid-colored pigeons and speckled pigeons. Look long enough and you will be able to tell them apart, give them names, and get to know their habits.

Pigeons are special because they can fly very fast. In fact, some can fly 50 miles per hour! Pigeons also have very strong “homing instincts” that help them find their way back from far away. Pigeons make great pets, too. Many people build little houses called “coops” for pigeons in their backyards or on rooftops. They let their pet pigeons fly free because, unlike canaries or parrots, pigeons will come back home.

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