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Some Building tips that should help you along the way with the JS-1

Antenna Mount Bolts
It’s common for people to over tighten the two bolts on either side of this TPU Mount. Once the bolt touches the TPU, you only need to turn a 1/4 of a turn to tighten it. The bolt will not fall out. If you over tighten it, the TPU will distort and not follow the outline of the main Pod, resulting in bad Aero and reduced strength in a crash.

SMA Antenna UFL
You need to use pliers to snip off the end that faces downwards towards the electronic below it. This will minimise the possibility of the metal part impacting the Electronics below it in a large crash.

Arm Bolts
This tip is more applicable when using a 30 x 30 stack. Basically you don’t need to over tighten these bolts, or you’ll end up damaging either the bolt, Press nut or the carbon. The arms won’t move in flight, they may move slightly in a large crash. Refer to the build video where Thomas explains positioning the arms. Some frames are built under extreme tension, resulting in a very rigid feeling frame. The problem with building a frame under tension is it will break multiple parts in a crash.

TPU Parts
The release of these parts has come about due to a number of reasons that will benefit the whole community, from people who’ve been impacted by the global economic issues recently, through to allowing us to provide you with even more flexibility in terms of components available for the JS-1. Yes there are a heap more very specialised components for specific race formats and specialty flight applications, that are not practical to stock or produce large numbers of.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, please consider supporting us by purchasing these components through official JS-1 Resellers such as Team BlackSheep through to the manufacturer ImpulseRC.

Important Printing Information
There are a number of variations of TPU on the market, from very soft rubbery filament through to stiffer TPU, Much like SainSmart TPU etc you need to use the stiffer material for the JS-1

The TPU Parts on the JS-1 provide protection to not only the components in the roll cage but also the roll cage itself. It’s designed to absorb impact and hence you need to not only pay attention to the filament used but also the fill and and wall thickness used in your prints.

We use 0.4mm Print Head, using a wall thickness of 1.2mm with an In Fill density of 10%

JS-1 Links
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JS-1 Overview

JS-1 Build Video

Available at following online stores:

JS-1 ImpulseRC

JS-1 Team Blacksheep – International

JS-1 PiroFlipRC – USA

JS-1 Rising Sun FPV – Australia

JS-1 PhaserFPV – Australia

JS-1 DefianceRC – USA

TPU Parts
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TPU UFL Antenna Fin

SMA Turtle Fin
Coming Soon

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