Lakhta Center Again :: FPV Building Dive02:01

Music: Bastien Slice — Deep Into London
Building: (462 meters)

You’ve constantly asked to do this again, for whatever reason… Building is still under construction and I’ve checked for industrial climbers one the sides of the building I’ve used for diving. The one climber on the right side somehow found me on instagram and asked for footage :)) Sadly, without tower cranes this building is much less fun to dive…

Unfortunately, VTX on my 5″ build was ~dead, so I had to use 7″ long range rig, a few observations:
– With 7″ you can get 4 times full 460 meters climb + dive on a single 4S 1300mAh lipo and safely return home (only 2 dives on 5″ rig), this video is captured using only one lipo;
– I was unable to tune out pitch wobbles on 7″ build after switching to betaflight 4.0, however recommended settings for 7″ rig works great otherwise, you get much less jello with dynamic filter switched to ‘low’ frequency range mode;
– Low camera tilt (20º) is not good for dives, even with stretch-X 7″ frame quad does bad job fighting wind and turbulence on the way down, something like 35º would provide the quad much more authority to fight external sources of PID error. But higher tilt would add up to already high aerodynamic drag from 7″ props and frame that make dives much slower.

== 7inch freestyler build ==
SabotageRC Frigate 7″ frame
Matek F405-CTR flight controller
T-Motor F40 Pro II 2306 1600kv motors
Airbot Wraith32 mini V2 35A ESCs
Gemfan Flash 7×4.2×2 props
TBS Unify 5G8 HV SE video transmitter
Foxeer Predator Micro camera
TBS Crossfire Nano receiver
TBS Immortal-T receiver antenna
Foxeer Lollipop 2 MMCX VTX antenna
BeiTian BN-220 GPS module

== Other stuff ==
Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 1300mAh 4S 80C lipos
ONBO 1500mAh 4S 95C lipos
FrSky Taranis X9D+ radio with M9 gimbals
TBS Crossfire Micro transmitter module
Fat Shark Dominator HD3 FPV goggles
LaForge v4 receiver + TBS Triumph RHCP omni antenna
LaForge diversity module + TBS 5G8 5dBi RHCP patch antenna
GoPro Hero 5 Session onboard HD cams
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360/VR camera
iSDT D2 chargers
iSDT BG-8S battery checker
TS100 soldering iron
Dakine Gemini 28L backpack

Full BetaFlight 4.0.1 config:
GoPro Hero 5 Session settings: 2.7K SuperView or 2.7K 4:3, 30fps, ProTune enabled, 1/120 or 1/60 shutter speed, ISO max 400, ND8/ND16 filters

Location: 59.986984, 30.179148, Saint Petersburg, Russia

My instagram:

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