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Follow along with this build to learn to build your own racing drone. You can buy all the parts for this build in one easy step at:


This kit is priced at a significant discount over buying parts individually, and you save on shipping by not buying everything piecemeal.

I’ve created a video series that shows even a total beginner how to build an FPV quadcopter. The videos show every single step of building and setting up the drone, in the kind of meticulous (but still easy to follow) detail that I’m known for. If you’ve got any questions, JB is monitoring the YouTube comments, and there is a Discord server chat channel for more immediate help.

This video series is about more than just giving you a finished quad that you can fly. It’s about teaching you how to build a quad, the right way, including all the little steps that are often overlooked.

The full playlist for this build series is:

For personal help with the build, join the Kwad Camp Online Discord server at: https://discord.gg/bzpcHve

Download wiring diagrams for this build at:

Here are my recommendations for good soldering irons to buy, and links to the other tools you see me using:

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