Learning a New Style of Flying 3s Spec Race Practice00:00

If you haven’t heard, on July 3rd-5th there is a spec race happening in Missouri USA. All of the countries best pilots are going, so I’m starting my practice early! 3s on 1950kv with heads-up props is the spec, and its a little slow but a whole lot of fun. This was one of my last packs of the day where I switched from a tight track to a wide-open one.

Flyfive33 Switchback
Revoltosd on FalcoX
Diatone Mamba 60a ESC
Headsup motors 2207 1950kv
HQ r38 Props
CNHL 3s 2200mah
Runcam Nano Racer 2

AUW- 460.1g

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