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Watch the a big and scare lipo explosion in my house. This lipo battery explosion and fire was really scary and could have burnt my house down if I did not notice the Lipo battery getting ready to explode in time.

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I got these zop power batteries just recently and it was my first time to charge them as they were brand new batteries. Just after 15 minutes I heard a hissing sound while I was packing my bag to go out. I saw the battery cell bloating badly. I disconnect the battery and run to throw it at some safe place. and the only place in my home where nothing could catch fire was my bathroom. So I left it there on floor in time. It immediately started to smoke and instantly burst out in heavy flames. 2 cells exploded first with long flames and the final cell erupted big fire engulfing the floor. I feel lucky that I saw that in time and was able to put it away from objects or it would have burnt my house down.

Never ever charge Lipo batteries unattended. Always use good quality batteries and good quality chargers and always watch lipo batteries when charging.

Enjoy the scary Lipo Explosion video.

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