Micro Electric RC Bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter with Eagle Pro Heli Pads12:47


Introducing Eagle Pro Heli Pads with LED lights and Hoops to bring extra fun and extra challenge to your micro RC Helicopter flying and FPV Whooping indoors and outdoors. Eagle Pro Heli Pads will give you extra challenge with your Micro and mini RC Helicopters. You can practice take off and challenge your skills for landing on these heli pads. With LED lights you can even use them at night for added challenge for RC helicopter landings. You can use these Heli pads for your FPV Drones as well. No matter indoors or outdoors, they will do the job just fine. With Eagle Pro obstacle course hoops, now you can take your FPV whooping and Micro RC FPV Racing to a whole new level. You can setup challenging indoors and outdoors obstacles courses with these hoops to FPV race against time FPV race your friends. If you are a beginner pilots, you can polish your skills to fly FPV Whoops and micro FPV racing drones using these hoops and get yourself ready for the Drone Racing leagues. You can also use these hoops to add an extra challenge while flying mini and micro RC helicopters. Overall Eagle Pro helipads and hoops are simply going to prove worthy for every penny you spend on them and bring extra fun and challenge to your FPV whooping and Micro RC helicopter flights.

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