MultiGP 2020 Drone Racing Champs OFFICIAL Race Recap12:17


MultiGP Drone Racing Champs presented by

Season Sponsors: Team BlackSheep, HobbyWing and BetaFPV

Championship Top-16
1 Soren “phatkid” Monroe-Anderson
2 Evan “headsupfpv” Turner
3 Patrick “Enginair” White

1 Alec “LundyFPV” Lunsford 1st in Consolation Top-16
2 Susan “Roo” Smith 2nd in Consolation Top-16
3 david “Hazardfpv” spencer 3rd in Consolation Top-16

Next-Next 40
1 Jim “JimmyProton” Krisovitch
2 Max “BayMax” Dorsey
3 Asep “SUNDAKHAOS” Mawardi

Thank you to all of our volunteers:
Flight Line Directors
Paul Adkins
FM Stark

Livestream Director
Doug Kling

LIvestream Host
Joe Scully

MultiGP News Anchor
Kelara Ehfad

Post Production Video
Reese “Gator Blood” d’Aquin

Course Designer
Jeff Comer

Course Testing
Jay Chapman

Pilot Registration
Chrystal Anderson

Race Operations
Tim Barnhart
Kayla Dearborn
Don Capobres
Michelle Brooks
Nicole Teft
Kate Suarez
Don Capobres
Cody Clemens

Tim Barnhart
Kayla Dearborn

Gate Building
Jake “Hammer” Capobres
Don Capobres
Shawn Morrison

Construction Hero
Mark Silva

Event Manager
Andre Smith

Course Setup
Dan Hubert
Mark Grohe
Tom Cinnamon
David Avery
Jeff Hardy
Shawn Ames
Nicholas Sherman
Davey Knowlton

Location Scouting
Patrick White
Mason Lively

Rebar Engineer
Roger Bess

Parade Float Engineers
Jim Krisovitch
Susan “Roo” Smith
Tom “Smitty” Smith

First Aid
Michael Olivier

Andrew Coppola
Max Dorsey
… many more

Reese “Gator Blood” Daquin

Overall Enthusiast
Kevin Turner

Special Thanks
Matt Susin – Brevard County Schools
Anthony Williams – Viera High Custodian
Tim Rooney – Viera High School
Giles Malone – Space Coast Daily
Tom Palermo – Space Coast Daily

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