MultiGP Sebring 2018 Drone Race Recap04:29


Sebring 2018 was absolutely awesome! Had a ton of fun and learned a lot about big competitions. I finished overall 5th and 2nd place in the team event with team Velocidrone. I’m going to have to find a way to practice with more pressure on or just attend every event I can find near me to get used to flying with the pressure. My performance noticeably got worse as I got closer to the finals and it’s definitely my biggest weakness right now as a pilot. Can’t wait for the International Open and get to rematch these amazing pilots!!!

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    1. Justin Treon
    2. Humboldt710
    3. Elliot Irving
    4. Icarus
    5. Steven Parsons
    6. Tizzy FPV
    7. Mike Aarset
    8. Jrod FPV
    9. kiddrone
    10. schlonald
    11. TheWhatthefuck12

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