My 2nd QAV-X 210 Racing Quad.05:04

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නැති උන එකට ඒ ජාතියේම එකක් හැදුව.

මේකෙ Specification ටික ඔන්න.

QaAV-X 210 4mm Frame Kit

Racerstar BR2205 2300kv Brushless Motor set

CC3D Flight Controler

Matek 5 in 1 V2 PDB ( Power Distribution Board )

KingKong 5040 Propellers 10 Pairs

SKYRC 20A Brushless ESC 4pcs

CNHL 3S Li-Po 1000mAh 11.1V 30C(Max 60C)

FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter with FS-iA6B Receiver

What Is A Racing Drone?

A racing drone is a small quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is purpose-built to compete in FPV (first person view) racing events held in most major cities around the world. See the list of drone events below, for more details on these.

NOTE: Racing drones are not the same as camera drones like the Phantom 4 Pro. Camera drones like the Phantom fly “slow and low” and are designed to capture high-quality video of surfing contests, real estate and landscapes. A racing quadcopter’s camera can’t do that.

What’s Not Covered Here

This racing drone guide does not cover advanced modding; the intricacies of optimizing components; nor, detailed DIY assembly instructions.

Looking to buy the best FPV racing drone kit?

Racing drones is growing in popularity each year. What is exactly is drone racing? Drone racers compete in heats or time trials, speeding around courses at anything up to 70mph! Using first-person-view headsets, the drone racers are able to see all the action from their drone’s perspective as they weave their way through the drone racing course. Drone racing appeals to drone flying hobbyist, aspiring pilots and computer game fans alike. Drone racing has all the adrenaline of flight, while also providing enough crashes, smashes, and collisions to keep even the most ardent sports fans happy.

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