NEAR MISS Do Not Go On the FPV Drone Racing Track While a Heat is in Session

Per our rule #1 at:
“Do Not Enter the Racing area (rope lines/chalk/cones/netting) until the Session/Heat/Race has expired!”
This pilot had a lapse in judgement and fortunately was extremely lucky.
Everyone has done this at some point, and it always appears to be safe… but just don’t do it. Make sure that there are no craft in the air when entering the track area, regardless of where your craft is… if your craft landed there, another could just as easily.

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9 Responses

  1. Eric Milewski (Armonic) says:

    This should not be allowed AT ALL!!

  2. nub says:


  3. Mackenna “McFly” McClure says:

    Wow!! So close! Great way to show what not to do!!

  4. Zsavage1 says:

    just wear a helmet and a catchers mit.. o.O

  5. gibmirschnell says:

    Idiot * Idiot = Megaidiot

  6. Jon P says:

    Should disqualify people for this kind of stuff. That is some really
    idiotic behavior.

  7. stefanfue says:

    same problem as last sunday 🙂 

  8. Prop Paper says:

    omg…imagine the horror had it hit him…. he is damn lucky he could have
    broken a finger nail or bitten his tongue or god forbid fallen and stubbed
    his pinky winky little toe

    bla bla bla

  9. NOLA DroneWORX Llc says:

    Great video Scully. Thanks for helping keep us all safe. We have rules for
    order and above all our own safety.

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