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Seeing the current trend of FPV racing, pod racing Quadcopters getting popular and the need of one Ultimate Quadcopter that will zoom around track with jaw dropping speeds, cut sharp corners with clear precision, shoot out with perfect and instant speed is ever growing. I have tried tons of frames for FPV racing and each of the frame had its own draw backs. There was never a perfect frame for FPV racing that would offer the FPV racing Pilot that ultimate racing Quadcopter they always wanted

Thus I (AliShanMao) taking all my experience along with me and studying all those frames in the market, came up with an idea of this Ultimate FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter that will offer unmatched qualities and features for FPV Racing and bring those proximity FPV hungry, tree dodging, speed junky pilots That Ultimate FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter they have been dreaming of.

With our hard work, long term research and together with a professional designer, OnlyFlyingMachines.com finally brings you that Ultimate FPV Racing Machine you have always dreamed of. This is the FPV Super Copter, this is the Ultimate FPV Pod Racer that will make pilots on the field eat your Hyper 330 wind wash only. All other pilots will see, would be your Hyper 330 Tail lights on the track.

Hyper 330 features a very unique frame with a unique DMT (Dynamic Motor Tilting) capabilities never seen in any of the FPV Racing quads before. What makes Hyper 330 a winner on the track? Let us enlighten you all

• Carefully thought out beautiful new frame design with Clean and dirty sections. Do not worry about those lousy vibrations anymore. Jello Free video, Clear FPV View and Vibration free Flight controller installation.
• Well thought out frame design for easy access to install or work on your Power distribution, Speed controllers and Flight controller installation
• Folding and easy replaceable arms with DMT (Dynamic Motor tilting) Mechanism. Fits in your back pack. Hey wait a minute, it will come with a back pack too.
• DMT (Dynamic Motor Tilting) with your elevator controls offers instant high speed shoot out and solid Air braking to dodge that fast moving tree that has always slapped you down.
• DMT (Dynamic Motor Tilting) offering instant and clear cornering. You can clear sharpest corners easily with tight solid turns that will surely leave your competitors behind on the track.
• DMT gives you more forward view without tilting your camera up, without having to tilt your whole quad forward at steep angles. When motors tilt, you get instant speed with little tilting and you retain much more forward view at higher speeds. Comparatively at same speeds, other pilots will be looking at grounds only and getting slapped by them trees, while OFM Hyper 330 pilot will dodge everything with a beautiful precision due to better forward views.
• Sleek, and aerodynamic Canopy for those sexy looks to make your Quad stand out in the crowd and to give you additional speed by reducing the drag during flight.
• Modular design high quality Metal and carbon fiber components
• Stick and fly FPV Module that you can stick to two different places on Canopy. Rear section to see your quad center and front in the view for beginners pilots to keep their orientation during FPV flight and front mounting section for clear FPV view without any obstructions for advanced Pilots.
• GoPro ready, a special GoPro 4 mount under that sleek and sexy canopy so you will never disturb your aerodynamics during flight due to GoPro Brick shape.
• And Much more.

All in all, remember, Designed and well tested by professionals. So one thing is for sure. OFM Hyper 330 Pod Racer is designed to give you an all-rounder winner on the track that is surely going to amaze everyone on the FPV racing track, including the owner Pilot with its speed, and flight performance. Speed, Agility, and Power that’s what you need to win the FPV race and OFM Hyper 330 Packs these all punches plus much more.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more detailed videos. Get your beloved cash ready because pre orders are starting soon and we will have only 50 of these Super Pod Racers OFM Hyper 330 made for first 50 lucky pilots to own these beasts.

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