Polaris Ultra Sea Plane 2nd Flight with 4S Battery08:47

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RC Lander Polaris sea plane has been around for a while and to be honest, it is one of the best RC Sea planes around. Available in PNP version, this plane is very easy to put together and configure with your radio control system of your own choice. It floats and drive on water very well. Even better than many other RC Sea planes that I have. And it flies absolutely fantastic. You can configure your Polaris to fly docile for smooth and easy flight or you can go for some quick fast moving aerobatics should you want to. Its unique big wing design gives it an ability to use ground effect to its max and brings you very smooth, just few centimeters above water flights and passes. This is one of the best RC Sea planes that you will find out there. So if you like RC Sea planes, live nearby a lake, river or sea, you must get this plane and bring yourself twice the fun of RC Flying and water play. It is absolutely highly recommended, two thumbs up product.

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