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What’s up guys! I am SWAMPED with races these next few weeks so stay tuned (SUBSCRIBE) for all the behind the scenes action with Pre Running the 2020 Baja 500, I’ve got 3 Pro Lite Race 9/18-9/20 then I go straight from AZ back to Baja for more Pre Running and then the actual Baja 500 Race!
This video is of our first pre running session for the Baja 500 that Me and my teammate, Eliott Watson, will be racing in our Honda Talons for Honda Talon Factory Racing.

As you can see in the video, we are NOT in our normal pre runner Talon cars because they are still being prepped for the real pre run session the following week. Hence, why I am driving my Dad’s RZR and Eliott has his pre runner buggy.

(00:00) – I hope you guys enjoy watching our first prerun sesh down in Baja for the Baja 500

We cross the boarder (0:27) and get into Baja to start the session North of San Felipe. (1:01) We start the Go Pro footy and drop the music!

(01:58) After running 30 miles from the start I’m telling you guys it was ROUGH!!

(02:29) The next phase after we cut across to get to race mile 280-290ish is to run all the way to race mile 360.

(03:03) We are about race mile 308 which is a much better section than the start.

(03:37) We hit up a gas station for some repairs to the car after breaking an axel.. probably from a rock I smoked 60 miles earlier. My co-driver Jimmy and our buddy, Edgar, handle the axel swap super quick. They are both master mechanics so they can get it done faster than I can.

(04:35) We are back to the dirt

(05:03) I give you a little recap of the day pre running about 200 miles of the 500 mile course

(05:34) New race plan I’ll run from mile 0-240, get out and get back in at mile 360 and bring her home.

(06:10) Pre Running Day 2

(6:47) Back in the car for some Go Pro Action

(07:02) We break around mile 195 after doing about 35 miles of ROUGH stuff. This Baja 500 UTV race is gonna be a long one!

(07:40) Elliot got this buggy stuck so I gotta pull him out with my car

(08:25) I am home and recap a little bit for you guys and the video wraps up

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Thanks for watching!!

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