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I randomly met this group at the carpark and took the chance to chase them and get some GoPro “B-Roll” footage. It took me a very long time to finally get this edited, but I think it has been worth it.
Want to meet up for some Drone-Shots?🤹 Simply comment! 🎎

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Thank you for all the support and the motivating comments!

(Smoothie🍹 Recipe📓)

Please buy from you local shops if possible, not Banggood…!

-Frame: X-Faktor Frame (Alien 5inch👾 style)
Alien FPV Frame
-Motors: DYS MR 2205 2300kv (prevents my LiPo’s from dying😵)
-ESCs: DYS Aria 35a BlHeli 32 with Dshot 1200 (that min_throttle though 😮)
-Propellers: GEMFAN Windancer 5×4,2×3 🏆(a bit to low pitch for these Motors, Gemfan Flash did a better job)×42-windancer-3-blatt-propeller-rot-2xcw-2xccw
-Flight Controller: JB F4 V1 (Joshua Bardwell for the win!!!🎖️)
RDQ Bardwell F4 3-6S 30×30 Flight Controller V2 – JBF4 AIO FC w/OSD
-Buzzer: VIFLY Finder🔊 (my older version sounds a bit weird because of the passive buzzing from the JBF4)
-Receiver: ORANGE r620x (SBus Version, 475m when rangetesting ♥️ best for Spektrum in my opinion)
-FPV Camera: FOXEER Arrow v2 (works well📽️)
-FPV Transmitter: TBS Unify Race HV (Quality!, 800mw would be awesome📟)
-Capacitor: Elko (4x) 450µF 35V LOW ESR (cleans up power and “Smoothie’s” your Setup, especially Video📺)
-Antenna: IMMERSIONRC SpiroNet 5.8GHz 📡 RHCP (Cover came off, so I filled it with hot glue)
-TATTU -1550mAh 4S 75C (3x)🔋🔋🔋
-1300mAh 4S 75C (1x)🔋

HD Camera and Editing:
-Gopro Session (Superview, Protune Flat, ISO Limit 400)
CHASE FOOTAGE: 1080p, 60fps
-3d printed TPU Mount
30 degree tilt usually
15-20 degree for slow flying chase (not in this Video)
-Hitfilm Express (Awesome for free, especially tracking, color grading in post)

-DX6i with DIY neck strap🤵 (Super Easy ©️)

-DIY Boxgoggle with Bluescreen 💻
-FPV Receiver: Quanum FPV Diversity (RC540R 5.8GHz 40Channel📻)
-LiPo 3s 850mAh 25C from my Planes🔋

🎼Crazy Cool Music:🎵

Coopex – Good Life

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