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Head-tracking FPV formation flight using high-definition DJI Digital FPV in RC EDF jets at sunset. Paired with “America the Beautiful” music to celebrate Independence Day 2020 and brotherhood! Best viewed on large screen.

1:38 Close formation FPV view

Lead pilot: Erich Ische; Aircraft: Flyfly F-100 Super Sabre (90mm EDF, 6S)
Wing pilot: Robert Liao; Aircraft: Freewing T-33 (80mm EDF, 6S)
Chase pilot: Alex Soldatov; Aircraft: Freewing T-33 Shooting Star
FPV System: DJI FPV/Goggles, camera and air unit
Affiliate: https://click.dji.com/AAWwRuyLiHize_eMP0Nykg?pm=link
Head-tracker: Fatshark Trinity External Module
Music: “America the Beautiful” performed by Frank Sinatra

#DJIFPV #JetFPV #FPVformation #headtrackingFPV

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