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Only had one go at this. Ill post up a better edit soon. This hobby hasn’t been around long enough for most people to see its actual limits. Just like skateboarding in the 80s. Alan Gelfand was accused of trick photography when he invented the ollie. Ive only been flying 9 months and I think my flying can be cleaner and faster and lower. Push the limits, fly an unreasonable amount, and try the maneuver you don’t think can be done. Hopefully this video inspires you to test your limits.

Sorry for the oscillations, I tried beta flight for the first time and it gave me oscillation. Switching back to my regular setup.

Let me know if you want to see an edit of which drills I do to practice reaction time and technique:)


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Gopro 4s 1300mah AUW 512g
4s 1300mah race weight AUW 420g
No battery frame only AUW 272g

frame 210 -




props- 5×4.5 bn Gemfan

controller tx and rx-

Frsky SBUS

video tx and rx- /


with fan adaptor

fpv camera- Pico cam


Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

Iphone 6s+ 1080 60fps

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