Review: Runcam 3 HD FPV recording camera (beware the card-slot)

If you are looking for an HD recording camera with a GoPro Session form-factor for racing drones and RC planes then the Runcam 3 is a low-cost option. I really loved this camera, right up until the moment that the microSD card fell inside. On any other camera this might not be too much of a problem — just take the back off, remove the card and reassemble but on the Runcam 3 it is not so simple at all and now I have a camera that no longer works after just 1 day.

It’s pretty good value for $99 but you will have to be incredibly diligent that you insert the microSD card at exactly 90 degrees to the case or you could have the same problem.

MicroSD card problems aside, it’s a nice little camera that is pretty good value for the price — but please Runcam, sort out that issue!

– good price-point
video is sharp with accurate colors and great WDR
– GoPro Session form-factor is great for miniquads
– Battery delivers over 60 minutes recording time per charge
– Gorilla-glass lens protector

– swallows microSD cards if you’re not careful
– no smartphone app available at the time of testing
– no adjustment for mic sensitivity
– no replaceable battery

Bottom line:
I’ll see how Runcam respond to the microSD problem before giving a final verdict. It would be a shame for such a nice camera to be blighted by such a simple problem.

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