Rocket Man – First Flight of the Giant Racing Drone

Excited to finally get to successfully fly this machine! Have had an incredibly rough week dealing with /stuff/- have sorta hunkered down and have quietly worked on this machine to take my mind off of life for the moment. Getting this thing ready to race this weekend!

Big thanks to BeeRotor & RCTimer as the primary sponsors of this ship! Powered by a Tattu GensAce – 5000mah 6s with a VTX from Team Black Sheep & Swift Camera from RunCam. Big thanks to the equipment sponsors for making this happen- can’t wait to push this machine and get it up to speed!

The Amazing Equipment Sponsors:

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and thanks to AirVuz! Catch more videos of this machine over there 😀 Also go check out Drone Trippin on AirVuz for more of my crazy adventures 🙂 Will be posting some exclusive content over there!

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