Rylo360 on an FPV Flying Wing02:03

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Here’s how it works: The app does all the stabilization and saves a 4K mp4 to your device. Then you import that bad boy into After Effects, create a comp out of it by selecting Window VR Comp Editor and make a 2D edit. Keyframe and ease all your camera orientation and null moves and you’ve got yourself a 3-axis brushless gimbal experience. I just wish it was higher resolution.

Team Uber Stabilization?

I can’t tell what’s real off this thing and the technology is only going to get better.


Firmcore 51″
2200mah 4S
SK3 3542 1250kv
11×5 HQprop
Plush 40A
Turnigy S712G
D4R-II w/ voltage divider telemetry
600mw 5.8ghz
Color / Camera – After Effects



Chrome Sparks – O, My Perfection


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