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Own the game, own this.
Storm and Helipal proudly present Storm Racing Drone Type-A Ready to Fly Edition
For a long time we wish to fly a drone with a video system, just like flying it in the cockpit as First Person View experience. Now Storm has made something specially for this purpose called the Storm Racing Drone, actually it’s a very small drone (250 class) with a smooth FPV system onboard, and tuned to have faster respond than other aerial filming drones, we flew the drone and we totally addicted to it! The idea worked so well, by looking at the monitor we guide the drone thru a forest without crashing, then we flew faster and faster, it’s not like playing video games, it requires skills and needless to say, it’s lot more exciting, put more of these in the field and you and your friends is like doing Podracing, just like the Sci-Fi movie.

Control and Start up procedure is super easy, no need to calibrate or anything, basically just connect battery and unlock throttle and you are ready to go, it’s designed for everyone, if you have some experience in RC aircraft before, you can fly this drone with ease, we highly recommended this interesting racer.

Try the Storm Racing Drone, it’s a completely new experience.

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