Taking My HEAVILY Modified 392 Charger To CARMAX For An APPRAISAL They Offered This…00:00

Taking My HEAVILY Modified 392 Charger To CARMAX For An APPRAISAL! They Offered This…

Well guys I finally got an offer on the charger! Let me know if you were able to guess the amount? What would you do if they offered this appraisal to you?! Shoutout to the employees at carmax for being so cool! Let me know what else you wanna see on the channel! Thanks for suffering through this video! If you enjoyed it be sure to DROP A LIKE, or leave me some constructive criticism/ Ideas in the COMMENTS. Show me some love by SUBSCRIBING, giving me a follow on my Instagram, and or copping some fresh MERCH! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I gotta go WORK! See you in the next one!

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