Tarot TL130 mini racing quadcopter from Foxtech FPV

The Tarot 130 miniquad from FoxTech FPV was super-easy to get flying – I just plugged in a FrSky XSR receiver, bound it up and flew. Not too much to grizzle about in respect to the build or quality of components either.

– quick to get flying — about 5 minutes from box to sky
– tough carbon frame
– preconfigured and tuned Naze32 flight controller
– SBus or CPPM capable
– not as proprietary as the DYS or Walkera offerings
– flies very nicely

– standoff blocks access to the USB connection on the Naze
– some screws were loose out of the box (check them all!)
– the 3020 props are very weak and break easily (buy heaps!)

Watch for some flight video coming shortly.

This product was sent for review by FoxtechFPV. They have also offered RCModelReview viewers a 5% discount on the listed price if you use the coupon code SKY701 up until November 2016. I was offered a commission on sales but declined it because it is my policy never to accept commissions, affiliate schemes or other “kickbacks” related to my reviews. However, if you want to enjoy the discount – go for it.

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