Top 5 Most Iconic Drone Flying Locations07:06

These are the definitive, undisputed, absolute best freestyle tricks of all time… No questions asked.
Seriously, these are just a few that we see shaping what this hobby has become.


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#5 – MetallDanny Forest

#4 – Atlanta Office Park

#3 – Under the Bridge

#2 – Miami Buildings

#1 – Pripyat, Ukraine

-Pilots / Hosts-
Drew Camden [Le Drib]
Joshua Bardwell

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer / Camera
Christian Kapper – Editor

Come Get Some
By: Brightside Studio

By: Tobu

Empty House of Glass
By: Koala Symphony

An Adventure Called Life
By: Score Squad

By: Koala Symphony

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    1. Benson Kalahar
    2. Josh Elder
    3. Alex Kyriakopoulos
    5. metalldanny
    6. In_ Drone
    7. Isaac Tschampl
    8. War Chest
    9. ReviewEdge
    10. Projections
    11. Squirrel FPV
    12. HexDanFPV
    13. John C Gibson
    14. MC's Creations
    15. Jesus Christ
    16. Drone Hero's
    17. Ryan Alderson
    18. Triton FPV
    19. FPV Yogi
    20. Nameless Droner
    21. Ruslan Botsyurko
    22. The Washindronian
    23. typeOhh
    24. James Darden

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