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Review and maiden of the XBee MCK Edition Racing frame from Korea!

Firstly a massive thanks to Xbee for getting this variation of their line out to us so quickly. Thomas really wanted to not only fly it but was hoping to get it in time to take the top plate with him to DR1 for MinChan to sign for him.

Also thanks to Indra Winata for pointing Tom and I in the right direction with Xbee and his involvement with them.

Now to the frame! Really funny story before we get onto the specifics on this build. Picture this! Thomas receives this frame on a Thursday where he builds it that night, then the next day he’s actually maidening it (Friday this video) then on the very next day he’s racing at one of our clubs where the only two Helix quads he takes with him are out of action. He has to resort to flying this frame against the guy who posted the second fastest qualifying time for the Australian Nationals! That video is really awesome viewing because you see Thomas literally adapting to the quad in a full blown race scenario. Here is the link if you haven’t seen that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8Idmkoy5YM

The quality and build of this frame is fantastic, its the sort of frame that has the same wow factor as the Helix (Thomas’ main racing frame). The build quality and attention to detail is exceptional on this frame.

I know some will say it’s a weak frame, in fact Xbee did mention and recommend the tougher version, but keep in mind if you want a full blown racing machine this is what you would get. If you can control the quad and not bash into brick walls then this frame is plenty strong. This statement will depend on your interpretation of my words.

Anyway this was a fun build and the FlightOne gear worked perfectly with this build. FlightOne still has it’s limitations but then again that’s probably because both Tom and I are complete newbies when it comes to there gear. Having said that out of the box without any mods FlightOne is amazing!

Anyway I really hope you enjoyed this video, will try to get more content out over the coming weeks but we will see how we go as there are a number of races coming up soon!

XBee MCK Edition Hybrid

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FPV Camera



FMR 4S 1550 mah Pack


Mission Foods – Racing Fuel

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