Z51 Predator Drone (MQ-9 Reaper) Flight Test Review13:30

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This scale model of the MQ-9 Reaper drone is very easy to fly for beginners. Find it here https://goo.gl/my3Fkm

– Flying model of a military drone. If you send it up high enough, you might actually fool someone.
– Comes with transmitter.
– 2 channel gyro stabilized. Very easy to fly. Great learn to fly RC plane.
– 3.7 V 450mah battery can fly this drone for close to 20 minutes.
– Although it’s a DIY, it’s very easy to build in about 15 minutes. No glue needed. 5 screws hold it together.

– One of my wheels fell off after landing. I found it in the dirt after searching, but it did fall off rather easily.
– The motors need to keep running for the gyros to work. If you cut off the motors to glide, you may notice some instabilities such as phugoid oscillations. However this can be corrected by simply balancing the drone’s center of gravity (a little putty weight on the tail should clear up phugoids).

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