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Los Angeles-based Jesse Pitela 3D Animation Studio creates realistic product animations & full CGI commercials that make our clients’ products look beautiful, functional & valuable. We’ve combined realistic product rendering with feature-film style visual effects to create effective content that helps ambitious brands build excitement on social media, fund kickstarter campaigns & engage more customers. Learn more: https://jessepitela.com/

In this short example, we’ve created an in-flight exploded view of a newly developed low-cost drone for one of our clients. The animation unfolds in a cascading style with the major components breaking apart first, followed by secondary animations of the smaller parts, such as the camera and rotor assembly.

We can work with CAD files provided by the client, or create a detailed 3D model from scratch. 3D visualization is used by world’s leading consumer electronics companies, such as Apple, to showcase their products in a stunning way while demonstrating small details and product features which would be impossible or very expensive to shoot with a real camera. The possibilities are endless & the end product is unlike anything that could be achieved with standard videography, including exploded views & break-apart animations of internal parts, stunning cinematic shots, beautiful cinematography and so much more.

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Portfolio, case studies, past clients, and testimonials: https://jessepitela.com/product-3d-animation/

Exploded views: https://jessepitela.com/exploded-view-3d-animation/

Water simulations & visual effects: https://jessepitela.com/water-3d-animation/

Behind the scenes & tutorials: https://jessepitela.com/product-rendering-tutorials/

Fascinated by 3D animation? Become a 3D artist: https://redefinefx.com/

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