FPV Drone vs. Fast RC Boat – Drag Racing at 150kph05:16

Featuring Victor Krapalis with his FPV Racing Drone – he is an amazing pilot: Check out his channel and video from the day:

Nothing happened in the crash, other then the servo came loose.
Huge thanks and credit to Steven Bryant (my dear boat wizard) for all the help and support on all my boats – could not have done without!


My personal setups:
Worlds fastest (stock electronics) Zonda as far as i know:
My specs for the Z aka Superleggera:
Motor: Twin SSS 3674 2075kv
ESC: Twin Hobbywing Seaking 120A
Servo: Savox SW-0230MG
UBEC: Hobbywing 10/20A
Batteries: Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 6s2p (2x6s)
Prop: Twin ABC 1816
Drive line: Stock
Reciever: Flysky/Turnigy FS-IA6B
Additionals: Fully custom carbon fibre inlay with fibre glass reinforced hatch, custom paintjob and blue Lamborghini theme, modified capbanks and additional floatation

My TLF Pursuit specs:
Motor: Turnigy 4082 1450KV
ESC: Dynamite 160A 2-8S
Servo: Savox SW-0230MG
Batteries: Turnigy Graphene Panther 3000mAh 4s2p (8s)
Prop: CNC Alu 4717 non sharpened nor balanced
Drive line: Stock
Reciever: Flysky/Turnigy FS-IA6B
Additionals: Fibre glass reinforced and with floatation

Flysky FS-GT5/Absima CR6P

ISDT T6 lite
Hobbyking Parallel Charging Board
Field charge packs: Turnigy High Capacity 14000mah 6s2p (2x6s)

Garmin Forerunner 230
Garmin Forerunner 101

GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition


Music: Ikson – Reveal

Thanks to my sponsors:
– iFlight
– TCS Micro Pumps UK

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