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I brought my BetaFPV 75 Pro 2S brushless FPV Whoop with me to RC Airport. Kids brought their rides and asked me to chase them. It was totally fun to FPV Whoop around Wife riding skateboard and kids riding their rides at full speed trying to run away from this fast and furious FPV Whoop. Enjoy the video. Wish It had HD Camera. But hey there is a HD Version from BetaFPV too, the BetaFPV 85X HD.

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Competition is getting fierce for 2S FPV Whoops now. BetaFPV 75 Pro definitely takes the competition to next level with its kick ass FPV Whooping performance. BetaFPV 75 Pro 2 is definitely a brushless FPV Whoop that should be top of your FPV whoop buying list. BetaFPV 75 Pro 2 packs some serious hardware, for high speed thrilling FPV Whooping. It has better and tougher frame as well that takes most of the crashes without breaking. No matter indoors or outdoors, BetaFPV 75 Pro for sure is going to satisfy all your fast and furious FPV Whooping needs. Pull crazy FPV Free Styling moves, Go head on against your friends for indoor and outdoor FPV Racing with BetaFPV 75 Pro, this whoop never ceases to impress with its powerful punchy performance. This is definitely a two thumbs up highly recommended product. And yes with some DIY, you can even turn it into a Cinewhoop. Will talk about that later. Enjoy the video.

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