HSKRC 7 Inch Freestyle Long Range Maiden – WOW04:16

Maiden & personal thoughts of the HSKRC 7 Inch Build, Spoiler ….. It flies amazing for not adjusting anything! Stock default Betaflight 3.5.X

Frame HSKRC XL7 http://bit.ly/2KBIrDM
Racestar 2508 1200KV Motors http://bit.ly/2H0Jv3f
BrainFPV Radix Flight Controller http://bit.ly/2JHk1vs
BrainFPV PDB http://bit.ly/2XOKlFO
Spedix Gs35 Escs http://bit.ly/2O7hpZM
TBS Unify Pro32 HV (cant find the old HV version) http://bit.ly/2Y4drVM Or the Evo http://bit.ly/2XS7dYQ
Foxeer Predator Mini http://bit.ly/2FlHDRx
Foxeer Lollipop Antenna http://bit.ly/2XTSgBI
Misc standoff kit http://bit.ly/31GeucP
Runcam 5 HD http://bit.ly/2YD28EY

Build Videos
Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=83ttdA5wl6s&video_referrer=watch
Part 2 https://youtu.be/oqp-d6TUsHg

Recommended Gear

QX7 http://bit.ly/2L2pVGk
Frsky Taranis X9 Lite http://bit.ly/2RsqhYi
Fatshark Attitude V5 OLED http://bit.ly/2XrRZJS
Fatshark HDO http://bit.ly/2WTS8Bu
Fatshark Recon http://bit.ly/2Fm46xV
Umbrella http://bit.ly/2XnpVat
Floss http://bit.ly/2Fju0lO
Stingy V2 http://bit.ly/2Rp1h3Q
Flight Controllers
RevoltOSD http://bit.ly/31F7Cx7
Mamba F405 Stack http://bit.ly/2IshNNO
Xing 2207 http://bit.ly/2L26k9x
Emax Eco 2306 http://bit.ly/2GzuPXs
T-Motor F60 Pro iii http://bit.ly/2Ksw4MS
Rapidfire http://bit.ly/2WPi01z
Furious TrueD X http://bit.ly/2WNwJdf
Frsky XM+ http://bit.ly/2Fm6WTy
Predator V4 http://bit.ly/2FlHDRx
Lollipop Antenna http://bit.ly/2WS33vq
AKK DVR VTX http://bit.ly/2Ffgdgj
Speedybee VTX & DVR http://bit.ly/2IWCFvv
CNHL 4s 1300Mah http://bit.ly/2RqfcGV
CNHL 6s http://bit.ly/2Rsr4se
Razor32 ESC http://bit.ly/31IRXwE
Racestar Metal http://bit.ly/2KYVXDe
BNF Quads
Diatone GT R349 http://bit.ly/2Qryb3v
Iflight Cinabee http://bit.ly/2MYR0Nx
Tinyhawk S http://bit.ly/2ZDBqs7
URUAV Backpack http://bit.ly/2VT8luh
1000uf Caps http://bit.ly/31Ia9GJ
Cyclone 5046 Prop http://bit.ly/2KyzrSv
TS100 Soldering Iron http://bit.ly/2ZxwcxU

These are Affiliate links using these links I get a small commission to help support the channel and show off new product for review. It does not cost the consumer anything to use these links. Even if you do not like what I have recommended and you want to purchase a product as long as you click on one of my links I get credit. Thank you for all your support!

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