Speed Racer TWIG | My new 3″ RIPPER19:45

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If you like speed and float, then you might want to check out this build recipe! Full parts list below…

Where to buy (USA & Global):
– Speed Racer TWIG Kit (http://bit.ly/2LQ6hxG)

Most of these links are affiliate links. If you use my links to make a purchase, then I make a small commission. It’s an easy way for you to help support this channel at no extra cost to you!

My Build:
– BetaFPV 1105 5000KV Motors (http://bit.ly/2XU7oPq)
– HQ 3x3x3 Props in various colors (http://bit.ly/2XT7LyD)
– HQ 3x3x3 Props in black (http://bit.ly/2xTt5EG)
– BetaFPV 12A AIO FC/ESC (http://bit.ly/2GmzHQK)
– RunCam Nano2 (http://bit.ly/2SnEUwb)
– Unify Pro Nano VTX (http://bit.ly/2Xpf5wA)
– FrSky XM (http://bit.ly/32Brt0r)
– Replacement Battery Straps (https://amzn.to/2XCJVWN)

My Main Battery for this Build:
– BetaFPV 300mAh 45C 3S (https://amzn.to/2YhsWto)

Other Parts Seen Here:
– BetaFPV 1103 8000KV Motors (https://amzn.to/2NyWeQe)
– HQ 3×3 2-blade Props (http://bit.ly/2Y9zFpn)
– Tattu 450mAh 75C 3S should be same as what I have (http://bit.ly/2YVIhwW)
– GNB 450mAh 80C 2S (https://amzn.to/2RHyveY)

Official Website:

TWIG Builders on Facebook:

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