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Power Drone Altitude 1500 Meters , Swiss Alps #Drone #Flight #SwissAlps
The drone will operate autonomously in the high-altitude flight. Using GPS it rises vertically above the starting position as far as possible upwards until the battery is almost empty. This is followed by a controlled swoop in which the rotors are slowed down accordingly to a stable flight attitude. This works only with motors with low cogging torque. Energy recovery is possible. Shortly before the ground the model is intercepted and landed safely.

Air pressure and propeller speed
The air pressure decreases with altitude, so the speed of the propeller must be at the same thrust, increased (see derivation 1 in the Annex).

The higher the model aircraft increases, the faster the propeller must turn. This means that a propeller that rotates at sea level with 8000 revolutions per minute, in 2000 meters altitude above MSL (mean sea level, height above sea level) with 9120 U / min must rotate to generate the same static thrust (easy viewing without temperature influence ). The speed of the propeller can not be arbitrary increased, otherwise the propeller is damaged. Motor and controller also have a maximum speed. The relationship between propeller speed and air pressure can be seen from the chart 1. Key data of height airworthy drone

Technically limiting factors from such a high-flying drone are:
Decrease in air density with increasing altitude. Propellers must rotate faster and the maximum speed of the propeller (or motor / controller) is reached
battery capacity 45 Min Flight Time
Twin Camera Back & Front View High Definition Switch HD
ambient temperature
total efficiency of the model
weight 45 Kg
Speed 65 Km PH

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