XK Detct X380, WTF, kudos to BG, 65 refund, and I keep.00:42

Actual Email I sent BangGood. Awaiting their reply, and depending how it is handled, they may, or may not get my Phantom 3 business.


Not good, need an authorization to return product for refund. XK Detect X380 Quadcopter. Simply isn’t playing nice.
Was on holiday when I received it, so didn’t get to test or fly much. After holiday, was quite impressed on initial flight. Amazingly stable. Then testing different camera mounts, it started having hissy fits. Auto launch not working was the first sign of trouble.


I was actually going to make a vid showing the auto launch not working, along with drifting around, and ask for a 50 % refund, as the sum of the parts are almost worth that. BUT, when I made the vid, after re calibrating everything ONCE AGAIN. It flew perfectly…..again. So happy and keeping.

Today, the only flight since making me smile when flying perfectly, after making previously mentioned vid, it went completely haywire. Again, auto launch wouldn’t work, which should of clued me, back to it’s hissy fit mode. BUT, having very good satellite lock, green/green, simply manual launch, but unfortunately, from the vid, you can tell, that’s about all it did properly, and not very well. Never did it stabilize on GPS hold.

Would not GPS or altitude hold when I let go of sticks, would not accept commands from transmitter, so I tried to send it up above the trees, till I get control, and would not do that. Somehow missed all the high trees, then out of my line of sight, so I cut the motors.


From the vid, you can hear, the motors running until it landed, nicely……LOL……but undamaged in a row of high brush.

With that, no motor cut off, and it is simply a ‘fly away’ waiting to happen. So any though of partial refund and keeping is not an option. As I can’t see how I could use the parts, with buying a new frame, flight controller, and transmitter. Defeating the purpose.

A refund would be appreciated.

I went through this with a CX 20, I got from BG, same same, total piece of junk, crashed due to malfunction, and I thought no problem, you gave me a 55% refund, and I was thinking, sum of parts worth that. Transplanted to new frame and some days flew good, some days not. But flew away shortly after.

So not wanting to make that mistake again. Please advise where and how to send, registered/tracked/insured, and hopefully you will be picking up the shipping. Only fair, since I got hit with a high ‘Duty Tax’, even though vendor did under quote the value from 278 USD to 80 USD, they hit me with a 28 USD tax, when it should have been 8 USD. Thai customs, a law among themselves. Totally ignoring their own rules.

Think I’ll save a few pennies, and get a Phantom 3. Seems like a nice Xmas present for me. The budget, brushless, GPS quads seem to have way too many issues. My V303 Seeker was / is flawless, though now a V303 w/V393 board. Cheerson CX 20…….I have nothing good to say about. X380, very disappointed after the V303 excellent experience.

Thanks for your prompt handling of this matter.

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