7 is the new 502:39

Alfa Monster Frame http://bit.ly/2Tjd182
TTTRC FC and ESC combo http://bit.ly/2FA0tWM
Flywoo NIN 2207 1750KV http://bit.ly/2Sj6MoL
RunCam Micro Sparrow http://bit.ly/2UztLsP
DALprop T7056C http://bit.ly/2UL5iAi
FrSky R-XSR http://bit.ly/2zQpvx0

I’m more and more in favor of using 7-inch quadrocopters instead of 5-inchers for freestyle. They are only slightly heavier than 5-inch versions and lack speed on straight but boy, they can climb! Thrust to weight ratio is just incredible… Just wow. And the sound of those big props cutting the air… Super fun!

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