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In this age of new aerial technology comes a flying motorcycle, on this episode we bring you the Scorpion 3 hoverbike.

Built by Hoversurf, the Scorpion 3 hoverbike is the world’s first manned drone available for pre order worldwide. Being a mix of a motorcycle and a drone, this iconic air bike doesn’t look real the first time you see it. Able to be flown manually by the rider or flown autonomously by the computer the scorpion 3 hoverbike has an intelligent onboard flight system that manages everything. The Scorpion 3 being a much smaller flying vehicle the others being developed is able to take off and land in a parking space making it more viable for use in the city, I wouldn’t want to be the guy parking next to the drone when they are parking but it can fit in a parking space nicely. It can also be summoned to your location and is completely able to fly without a human pilot.

This bike has a max speed of 43 mph or 70 km/h and no built in limitor on how high it will fly. With a flight distance of 13 miles or 21 km or around 20 minutes in the air this flying motorcycle is ideal for shorter trips with a city. The Scorpion 3 is able to take flight from only 4 blades, while looking like they are dangerously close to the driver Hoversurf has developed blade guards that can be added. It takes 1 minute to change batteries or 3 hours to charge them but they are currently developing a new type of battery that will double the flight time.

Currently starting at a price of $59,900 the Dubai Police Force purchased a scorpion 3 as a standby emergency use vehicle where quick aerial access would be required.

Aside from this bike, Hoversurf has a stripped down version used to transport cargo. Able to lift 330 lbs or 150 kg this cargo drone has a starting price of $55,500.

Do you see this flying motorcycle as a part of the future of transport within cities? Share your thoughts down below.


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