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After doing some research on $UAVS I received a great comment discussion further resources for drone research as well as some new companies to look into. In this video I go over the new research and try to show the implications this has on the drone industry. I also take a brief look at two small cap drone companies that were recommended in the comment section. I personally do not have any drone related holdings but, I find this space very intriguing. I am still looking for a defined winner in the space, if I do, I will most likely be taking a position.


Virginia research: https://econdev.vt.edu/content/dam/econdev_vt_edu/projects/technology/Virginia%20Tech%20%20Measuring%20the%20Effects%20of%20Drone%20Delivery%20in%20the%20United%20States_September%202020.pdf

Redcat Site: https://www.redcatholdings.com/

Redcat Acquisition: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/red-cat-signs-letter-of-intent-to-acquire-skypersonic-inc-the-developer-of-a-remote-transoceanic-piloting-software-system-for-the-drone-industry-301214007.html

Dragonfly: https://draganfly.com/

DFLY: Presentation: https://investor.draganfly.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Draganfly_VI_01_22_21_V35.pdf

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This is NOT financial advice! Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes only! Do your own research, develop your own opinion, and speak with a financial advisor before making ANY INVESTMENT DECISIONS!! Stocks in my current portfolio: $TSLA $PLNHF $SKLZ $SQ $TDOC $BYND $SPCE $PTON $PSTH $TTCF $IPOE $OPEN $TSIA $NEXCF

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