GOPro Race XDC 2 Vegas (light track night drone racing)02:10

First lap was slow like in the high 40s, then a 37, a 35, and last lap was a 32. Put me in the fourth spot for qualifying.
(sorry killed mic on gopro before I got to Vegas)

This track was hard, for sure… but what made it even harder for me was the atmosphere, cold, and 3-4 hour waiting period between getting to fly. Knocking the rust off after 3-4 hours of not flying on that track was not easy, and some people handled it better than others. I definitely need more time before I can do it at a consistent 30-32 second a lap pace… My first lap was always no less than 37, then it would drop down into the mid to low 30s. My fastest lap time of the even was a 30.05 which I was pretty happy about since it was on my loosy goosy gopro rig, but would have loved to been able to turn a 27 like a couple of those guys. Some damn skilled pilots at that event that was for sure!

-Shen Drones Krieger:
-RMRC Seriously DODO Flight controler (V3):
-RMRC2204 2300KV Blue Series (tiger) Awesome motors!:
-HQ 6045 props:
-RMRC 20A escs:
-RMRC 1300mah 4s 60c:
-Spektrum DX9 (black edition):
-Lemon RX:
-Fatshark Dominator V2:
-5.8 GHz Air-Blade Antenna Set (LHCP):
-RMRC non slip Battery straps:
-RMRC Magic Gel pad:
-RMRC New Video Transmitter (25mW cricket):
-RMRC Bling:
-RMRC lanyard:

Recorded on Gopro Hero 4 Silver

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