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It was raining pretty hard for many days in a row. I was completely bumped out about this, until my wife said: Why don’t you go to the forest and shoot some video! At first I thought, why? But after thinking about it, I decided to give it a go. All thought I’ve been to this place countless times, but I’ve never seen it in this way. You hear the rain falling down, see the drops of water at the branches of those beautiful pines and for some reason the mind calms down and you’re happy.

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My setup:
Prototype freestyle frame
Cobra CP2205 2300kvmotors (
Softmount for motors (
Aikon Electronics AK32 4 in 1 esc (
Flightcontroller (Aikon Electronics F4 flightcontroller)
Receiver (
Receiver antenna (
TBS unify pro vtx (
FPV camera (
2.5mm lens (
GEPRC 5*4*3 props (
Circular polarized antenna (
Flight battery (
Foxeer box HD camera (
GoPro session 5 (
Silicone rubber case for GoPro session (
Lens protection glass (

On the ground:
FPV goggles (
Radio (
Xjt module (

Charging setup:
Charger (
Parallel chargingboard (
Power supply (


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