GTR 349 HD SPEED RUN PT2 – 305202:00

Changed the props from stock 3028s to 3052s and got some new RDQ series 4S 650mah 80c lipos. Did the speed run again to see just how much faster the GTR349 will go with these changes. Initial speed run with old 4s Tattu lipos and 3028 props, I was able to get 75mph, which is pretty fast IMO.

I did three RDQ packs, first pack I just did some freestyle flying and I can already feel the extra power and quickness in the GTR. I saw very little jello on the punch outs. Diatone had posted PIDs for 3028s and 3052s, mine was already set for the 3052s. Second pack I did some “light” speed runs at 3/4 to 4/5 throttle and hitting 80 – 85 mph. GTR tends to drift quickly at high speeds if your not positioned straight before hitting the throttle. Third pack went full throttle but flew a little bit higher to give me more reaction time if it drifted down. Three runs – 1st run hit 98mph, 2nd run drifted left / missed radar, 3rd run hit 97mph. Big jump in top speed, now I’m thinking I need to move the radar tripod back more to give a longer run and change out the XT30 to an XT60…HD camera on this drone is pretty good too.

3028 SPEED RUN –
3076 SPEED RUN –

Legna Zeg – Driving Fast
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