Parrot Anafi FPV goggles test – Yuneec Skyview HDMI goggles + NVIDIA Shield tablet01:45

In this video I tested the Yuneec Skyview goggles with a NVIDIA Shield tablet which has a HDMI output port. The shield tablet was designed and produced in 2014 and 2015. But it was made for multimedia apps and has still lots of power compared to current tablets and phones. The Shield costs about $90-$150 (used). The Yuneec Skyview goggles $30-$70 (new).

Connecting the goggles is easy. Just connect the goggles to the shield via hdmi a-c cable and select the viewing mode.

Instead of the Yuneec Skyview goggles, you can connect almost any hdmi goggles you like. I.e. fpv goggles from Fatshark, Skyzone, …

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