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JD 509G is an incredible quadcopter as we saw in the first video, now i have decided to attach a 720p RunCam R/C HD camera to it and take it for another spin. The time of day is very early morning in sunny Bristol. Every time I fly this drone im astounded how stable it is.


Once the quadcopter is removed from its brown cardboard transportation case, the first thing you will notice is how well packaged the copter is. The transmitter and copter stare at you and with a gentle tug the quadcopter is released same for the transmitter. The quadcopter requires a bit of assembly before you can begin flying it, the following items require attention:-

As there is quadcopter is FPV enabled then you ill need to attach the screen to the top of the transmitter
Then for the quadcopter, you will need to attach the landing skids, propellers and camera mounting

Inside the accessory bag is a USB cable, a battery, a screwdriver and some screws, i found there are a few left after installing the camera and skids. To power the transmitter you will need 4 x ‘AA” batteries, the charger doesn’t have the ability to charge batteries.


After the assembly the next part is to take it for a flight, insert the battery in the back compartment and plug it into the 2 pin connector then click the compartment shut. There is a small ‘on’ switch under the quadcopter, move this to the correct position then turn on the transmitter and push the ‘on’ button, the rotors will now start to power up. To start the flight i prefer to push the copter to a medium altitude then start the video. As this quadcopter has altitude hold it makes flying easy, balanced, and manoeuvrable, even landing is easy as a decent is controlled. Overall this quadcopter is excellent for beginners as its easy to control but does have a few fiddly features.

Overall 8.5/10

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