ZMR250 Mini Quad Naze32 – Barometer Altitude Hold Testing ALT PID settings carried out07:15


ZMR250 Mini Quad Frame & Full Naze32 FC Barometer Altitude Hold Testing with ALT PID adjustment settings configured. The remainder of the PID settings are default / Stock settings.

Results of altitude hold were impressive for the first trial sets of adjustments….with further tuning it would do a great job at Alt hold functions.

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Mini FPV Quad Frame used: H250 / ZMR 250
Flt Controller: Naze32 Full version (ALT PID Configured settings)
Motor: Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV
Available here:

Radio TX: Taranis X9D Plus
Available here:

Receiver: D4R II Telemetry
Available here:

Video Camera:
Video TX: 200 mw with mushroom antenna
FPV Camera: 600TVL
Battery: 2800 mah 3S Lipo
Props: Gemfan 6030

Available here:

Latest ALT PID settings used for video are as follows:
*Note: Results may vary from quad frame type, motors, esc’s, AUW…etc.

P= 23.5 I=.255 D=230

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Taranis X9D radio:

FrSky D4R II Telemetry Receiver used on Mini Quad

FrSky RC Accessories, receivers, Telemetry, Sensors, etc.


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