Dashcam Comparison – Papago GoSafe 535 DOD LS460w – Bad conditions – Night, Rain, Cloudy20:33


0:00 – Indoor & Night-time – Top DOD LS460w / Bottom Papago! GS535
2:58 – Night-time Rural Road (no street lamps) DOD LS460w
6:16 – Night-time Rural Road (no street lamps) Papago! GS535
9:34 – Outdoor Day Rain – Top DOD LS460w / Bottom Papago! GS535
15:09 – Outdoor Day Cloudy – Top DOD LS460w / Bottom Papago! GS535

GS535 (MSRP $169.99)
– 160 degree field of view
– Reliable. Hasn’t crashed on me in the 3 weeks I’ve owned it (tested also with multiple micro-sd cards)
– Very good night-time recording (f2.0)
– Handles sudden changes in lighting conditions very well
– Supports a wide range of Micro-SD cards. Works with 64gb Sandisk, A-Data, Kingston and Lexar
– Max recording resolution is [email protected] / [email protected]
– Suction cup mount is better than most I have used
– Screen is very good (bright enough to see in direct sunlight)
– Very small and unobstrusive
– USB OTG is a really convenient feature. You can view/copy footage directly to your Android phone (iOS unfortunately not supported yet)

– No GPS
– Current firmware version doesn’t allow removing brand watermark
– Execution of stop/go notification isn’t very good (misses some stop-signs)

DOD 460w (MSRP $269.95)
– 140 degree field of view
– Very good night-time recording (f1.6). Has a slight edge over the GS535 but not very much
– Has GPS. The windows application maps out your location when you play the video
– Suction cup mount is better than most I have used
– Screen is excellent (higher resolution than the GS535)
– Very good rear-view mirror mount (however this is sold separately)

– VERY difficult to remove Micro-SD (you need a small screw-driver or long nails to push the card out)
– Unreliable with certain cards. Specifications say that max SD card size is 64gb, it appears to hang with 64gb cards from Sandisk, A-Data, Kingston and Lexar. I have had great success using either my A-Data and Lexar 32gb cards.
– Max recording resolution is 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS
– One of the larger dash-cams I’ve used
– Current firmware version doesn’t allow removing brand watermark
– Expensive

If I were to choose between purchasing the DOD 460w and Papago GS535, I would go with the Papago since the video quality is almost identical (with a slight edge to the DOD), it handles low-light conditions very well (license plates can be read easily) and US$100 cheaper than the DOD.
Tested multiple 64gb micro-sd cards and didn’t run into the crashing/freezing issues which the DOD suffered from. The DOD had issues with the screen freezing with multiple 64gb cards I tested with. The only cards that worked with the DOD without crashing were 32gb cards from A-Data and Lexar.
Only thing missing in the Papago GS535 is the GPS which I personally don’t think is essential for most. There are the things I look for in Dash Cams are reliability (doesn’t freeze/crash or produce corrupted video files), good quality video in all lighting conditions (able to read license plates especially at night) and quick start-up, discreetness (the GS535 is very small)

Tobu – Roots
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Razihel – Love U
Jim Yosef – Unicorn
Electric Joy Ride – Origin
Valcos – High Spirits
All can be found on No Copyright Sounds https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds

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